Undercover Tools: June Updates


Undercover Catalogue

Update 0.4.3

An update to the tables module,

Row count and size infotmation added

Fix – LocalInterrogation

There was an issue with the LocalInterrogation stored proc not updating the execution log, this has now been fixed.

Undercover Inspector

Updates we forgot to mention from May (V2.2):

Added EmailGroup column to ReportData table #216

Added email recipient group column to ModuleConfig #201

Powershell Offline auto updates were updating the Inspector, now you can update using an offline path as expected #217

Fixed a bug where the collection runs for local server when local server marked Inactive or no row for the server in CurrentServers #218

Added Importance column to Inspector.ReportData table #214

Fixed a bug where email priority was always reporting as “Low”. #213 Massive thanks to Alexander for the bug report and fix!

Inspector updates this month (V2.3)

We fixed a bug where reports can be skipped with long running collections #243

Included a new option to install custom modules with the powershell installer #237

Added a new table for setting Monitor hours per server per module, this allows you to report only between these specific hours per module/server rather than reporting breaches at hours that you are not fussed about #240

Moved the truncation of the execution log to a new stored procedure that checks a last truncated datetime rather than checking the MAX(Log_date) in the execution log #249

Added the ability to configure which email profile to use per report #220

Add error handling and error logging to the execution log #219

We made a big change to the behavior of the ReportWarningsOnly column in the ModuleConfig table to handle the 3 warning levels, this way you get to control which warning levels need to be contained within the report in order for an email to be sent #247

A new custom module is now available as part of our First responder analysis collection , if you are logging information from sp_BlitzFirst for Filestats to a table within the same database as the Inspector then this module will check the Filestats table for IO Read/write average stall ms breaches against thresholds you set and if breached then you will get an email with details #241 we will be posting more details about this module shortly.

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