Undercover Catalogue 0.4.4 Released – Database Last Accessed Time and NEW Snapshot Module


Full documentation on the Undercover Catalogue can be found HERE

It’s been a while since the Undercover Catalogue last received an update but having had a few of those moments recently when I thought to myself ‘I really wish I was capturing that data’, so I decided to roll a few changes into the Catalogue.

If you’ve got automatic updates switched on, you’ll most likely already have received 0.4.4. If not, you’ll need to head over to GitHub and download and run https://github.com/SQLUndercover/UndercoverToolbox/blob/master/SQLUndercoverCatalogue/Updates/Catalogue_UD044.sql

Database Last Accessed Date

The databases module now contains LastAccessDate, to give you information on when your database was last accessed. Check out our recent post, When was my SQL Server Database Last Accessed? if you’re interested in how we’re getting that information.

NEW MODULE – Database Snapshots

Prior to 0.4.4, database snapshots were seen as databases and stored in the Databases module’s table. The Databases module now excludes database snapshots, these are picked up by the new Snapshots module and stored in Catalogue.Snapshots.

NEW Catalogue Interrogation Powershell Script

We’ve given the Interrogation Powershell script a big overhaul and removed the dependency on DBATools. That’s not because we have no love for DBATools, I’m still very much a big fan but because due to increasingly strict security policies, people are finding it harder and harder to install third party modules (myself included). So to make things easier for everyone we’ve now moved away from it.

The latest script can be found on GitHub as usual, https://github.com/SQLUndercover/UndercoverToolbox/blob/master/SQLUndercoverCatalogue/CatalogueInterrogation.ps1

If you want to continue to use the old DBATools, it’ll still work for now but we’ll no longer be maintaining it so can’t promise that something won’t break in the future, either down to a change we make or something DBATools themselves do.

The Project’s Not Dead and We’d Love to Hear From You

I know it’s been a while since we last released an update to either the Catalogue or Inspector, but neither project is dead, they’ve just gone through a bit of a development slow down. I do have some quite exciting plans for them in the near future so would love to hear what people think about both tools (or any of our others for that matter), things you’d like to see added in the future, what would you change… etc, so please get in touch.

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