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Synergy of Azure Synapse & Joyful Craftsmen


Why „synergy”? Let’s take a look at the context first. Data warehouses have undergone development on Microsoft technologies in the last few years.

  • From the beginning, customer data warehouses were built on their internal infrastructure. These solutions were built on SQL Server technology and used SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) primarily for data integration.
  • As data quantity grows, Microsoft has added Parallel Data Warehouse to its portfolio, which has been hardware and software optimized for large data parallel processing.
  • With the advent of the Cloud, this whole machinery began to appear in the Microsoft Azure environment and its final form was reflected in the Azure Synapse Analytics solution.

At Joyful Craftsmen we worked with Azure Synapse Analytics together with Microsoft since its inception before it became publicly available for production.

Since then, we have done a lot of work with our clients on Azure Synapse Analytics, and since this year we have seen that it‘s becoming an inseparable part of solutions on the Microsoft Data Platform.

“Our adoption of the Azure Analytics platform has revolutionized our ability to deliver insights to the business. We are very excited that Azure Synapse Analytics will streamline our analytics processes even further with the seamless integration the way all the pieces have come together so well.”

Nallan Sriraman, Global Head of Technology, Unilever

Why is Azure Synapse so important?

In each project we solve one key question and that is why use Azure Synapse.

There are several reasons:

  • Migrate data warehouses from on-prem to the Cloud and connect data warehouses and data lakes
  • Use of technology knowledge from on-prem in the Cloud
  • Unlimited data processing
  • Unified data processing platform
  • Native integration with Microsoft services

    Azure Synapse Link from Microsoft Dataverse

    Data Governance using Azure Purview

What we see as the main benefit of the whole Azure Synapse is the speed of implementation with which projects can be implemented. It is not always the cheapest solution, but if the customer wants to use all elements of modern data warehouses or wants to build a data warehouse that wants to use these elements in the future, then Azure Synapse becomes a logical choice.

What is your main goal with your data warehouse?

You are in good hands with us, as we are a 4-time Microsoft Gold Partner.

Other interesting resources for Azure Synapse:

I’m working with SQL Server and Microsoft Data platform over 10 years. I worked in this area from MS BI application solution development through MS BI infrastructure projects to pre-sales engineer. I like Microsoft BI very much and I follow the new trends in this area as well as the competition technologies. The most important for me is that I advance with experience and know how in this area.


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