Switching between different Azure Data Factory environments


When working with Azure Data Factory, it’s possible you have multiple ADF environments. For example, you can have one for dev, one for test and one for production. Unfortunately, the functionality to switch between them is a bit hidden in the user interface.

One might assume you could find it in the breadcrumbs in the upper left corner. But it’s not.

You can find it in the upper right corner, under your account settings.

Clicking the link will allow you to change Azure AD, Azure subscription and the ADF environment.

Another option is just to open different browser tabs for each environment ??

What if you have multiple accounts though? For example, as a consultant I have at least 3 for the moment:

  • one of my own (shown in the screenshots)
  • one of my employer
  • one of my current client

In that case, you could try working with multiple browsers, in-private sessions, but ultimately it’s a lot easier to just create multiple profiles in your browser (Chrome supports this for example). Chris Webb blogs about this solution here.


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