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SQL Server Indexing Book Giveaway – Part 7


More of the same with the next Expert Performance Indexing for SQL Server book giveaway.  So far, I’ve sent out six copies of the book based on comments from the past six (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6) posts.  I’ve made a small change to the title of the series (week vs. part), mainly because getting a kid off to college and summer vacation has been interfering with the rate of posts.  There will still be thirteen posts, though, going until they are all given away.

To re-cap from previous posts, Expert Performance Indexing for SQL Server is a book I co-wrote with Grant Fritchey (Blog | @gfritchey) last summer, which is a valuable resource to anyone building indexes on SQL Server.  As part of finishing the book, Apress sent me a number of copies of the book to share with people.  I figured the best way to share these out is to give them away to people that comment on this blog.

So here’s a topic for leaving a comment this week…

The Question

For part seven, the question will focus on chapter nine, which covers index maintenance.  The topic for discussion in the comments this time is…

Do you think that defragmenting indexes is worthwhile?  Why or why not?  What evidence do you have to support your position?

If you have a story or opinion to share, leave a comment below. After about a week (once I return from vacation), I’ll select one of the comments and send that author a copy of the book.

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