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Speaking at SQL Bits 2022


After two long years of waiting, I’ll once again be speaking at an in-person event, starting with SQL Bits 2022, March 8th-12th.  I’ll be traveling to London (as long as I think it’s safe to do so) and will be giving a total of 4 different sessions.  SQL Bits is a conference that has been around for many years and it is probably one of the biggest community driven events that you can attend.  It’s multiple days of Data-centric goodness.  This year the conference is offering a hybrid approach, allowing attendees to be either in-person or from the comfort of their couch.

I’ve been fortunate to go once before and needless to say I’m very excited for the opportunity to do so again.

First up, an all day training session with my exceptional co-worker, Joey D’Antoni:

Azure from Admin to Architect

There are over 200 services in Azure, which makes trying to learn the platform an overwhelming task for many IT professionals. While you may have built a virtual machine, or deployed an Azure SQL Database, have you thought about your network design or policies for tagging strategies? In this all-day session, you will dive well beyond your basic DBA tasks and into the role of an architect. You will learn about how security with Azure Active Directory works, and how to implement it in your applications. You will learn about how to choose the right data services for your application, and how to secure them. You will also learn about additional services, like Azure Key Vault, Azure Functions, Logic Apps and Automation, which help you to bring make different components interact with each other. This session will be demo filled and full of open Q&A.

Next up are 20 minute sessions with the magnificent Rob Sewell (two bears don’t make a right):

There is a Time and Place for Everything

You have heard all of the “rules”

“Cursors are evil”

“Dont use Triggers”

“Every time you use Write-Host a kitten is..” well its not true so we wont say it.

“You should never use the GUI, all things must be code”

“If you are going to do something more than once automate it”

“Don’t use profiler always use Extended Events”

John and Rob, being consultants, often say “Well, it depends” Lets talk about some of the times when these and other “rules” may not fit

10 Productivity tools we use to make life easier

You are busy, we are busy, everyone is busy. These are the tools that two busy consultants use to improve their productivity.

We want to tell you about the tools that we use; that maximise our time, simplify our life, reduce our key strokes and generally make us appear more amazing. So that you can use them too.

and finally, a 20 minute session with just me:

$%*# I Learned Working for Denny Cherry

Ever doubt your technical skills? Ever have imposter syndrome? I can assure you that both real things and both are absolutely terrifying to deal with. Working for someone as smart as Denny does not make it any easier. You are not alone.

If you are not aware, my boss, Denny, is very well known in the SQL Server realm across the globe. I will be honest in that working for him is an absolute dream of a job for me. While difficult at times (because the work, not because of Denny), I’ve learned a lot about myself along the way. In this lightning talk of a session we will go over some things that I’ve had to learn about myself working for someone like Denny Cherry.

We will talk about –

• Dealing with imposter syndrome

• Improving confidence

• The feeling of lacking technical chops

If you have ever had similar feelings in your job, know that you are not alone. Join me in this quick session on learning how to jump over these hurdles. You never know, maybe the lessons I’ve learned will help you land a dream job of your own.


I’m really excited to have the opportunity to travel to London (it’s a bucket list destination for me) and experience the awesomeness that is SQL Bits again.  If you are attending in person or even virtually, I’ll be around and please do say Hi!

Make sure to check out all that the conference has to offer and hope you can attend, either in-person or virtually!

See you in London!

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