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May I help you?

With the Vancouver games underway, I have been reflecting on the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.  Those were the greatest winter...


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I have been pondering recently what helps me to sleep at night.  Or, conversely, what prevents me from sleeping at...


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In Vs. Inner Join

This is tightly related to another of my forays into tuning some slowly/poorly performing processes.  This process came across my...


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PayPeriod II

I recently blogged about a solution I had decided to use in order to solve a problem related to PayPeriod...


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This month Rob Farley is hosting TSQL-Tuesday #3.  The topic is Relationships and he has left it wide open for...


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Key Discovery III

Recursively traverse system views to build a Hierarchical Perspective into the database.
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Check your regions people


Today I was having a nice discussion with some colleagues about Fabric and pricing/licensing...

Using Git Prune–#SQLNewBlogger


As I’ve been working with SQL Saturday and managing changes to events, I’ve accumulated...

Microsoft Purview new data governance features


Starting last week is a rollout of the public preview of a new and...

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Read Only Replica in SQL Server Standard

Our environment runs using SQL Server Standard. We are implementing Availability groups. Our database has been experiencing high read volumes, so I want to let the application read the Synchronized Secondary replica, as I read that HADR does this. Can we implement this?

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