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Quick Blog: Making the Power BI PowerShell cmdlets easier to use


One of the top reasons I love PowerShell so much is that from the...

Trouble writing? Join the club. #JustWriteTech


I was talking with  a couple of excellent SQL people* recently, and we were bemoaning...

Check Query Progress with Live Query Stats


This is something I touched on back in 2017 a little after the Live...

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Is Data the Future of the Vibrant Web?

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

Comments posted to this topic are about the item Is Data the Future of...

Checking Validity Of Data, Split and send Notification

By yrstruly

Can anybody help me to replicate this ssis package/task please?

Best way to write query that shows orders that\'ve purchased 2 specific products?

By Goalie35

Basically, I just want to write a cleaner query than what I have, which...

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