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State of Database DevOps Survey


Maybe you’re using DevOps within your database development and deployment. Maybe you’re not. Maybe...

HP is the 2019 Laptop Winner


This is for me, not necessarily for you, but I decided to go with...

Data Lake Architecture using Delta Lake, Databricks and ADLS Gen2 Part 4


This is the fourth and final post in a series about modern Data Lake...

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sp_send_dbmail passing parameter to @query

By hughesj23

I am trying to pass a parameter into the @query argument of sp_send_dbmail for...

SSRS - Formatting report to print as USPS postcards, example.

By itortu

Hello all, I have to create an SSRS Report that will print as a...

Lincensing qn

By Ram

All, Somewhat new to SQL server licensing. Do we have to license the sql...

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