Security Learning Pathway at PASS Summit.


This year PASS is trying something new at PASS Summit. There are going to be Learning Pathways. A learning pathway is at least three sessions on a single subject that will get you started on a new (or update an old) skill. And I’ll be taking part in the Security Learning Pathway!

First let me say wish me luck. I’ve spoken a number of times before (don’t ask me what number, I haven’t kept track but it’s probably in the high single or low double digits) but each and every time I feel like I can use all the luck I can get.

This is my second time speaking at the Summit. Last time was in 2015 and I have to tell you, it was pretty cool. I’ve always felt like getting to speak is like getting to sit at the big kid’s table. Speaking at Summit is 10x that. I mean there are always some pretty amazing speakers there.

I’ll be giving my SQL Server Security from the Ground Up session. It’s a pretty good one if I do say so myself. I make no assumptions about your security knowledge and get you to where you can at least handle the basics of securing a SQL Server. After my session, there are 3 more.

  1. How I Would Attack SQL Server
  2. Capturing SQL Server Activity with SQL Server Audit
  3. Six Ways to Improve SQL Server Application Security


As you can see, these sessions, along with mine, make a great progression from minimal security knowledge to a pretty solid start at protecting a SQL Server instance.

Some of the other pathways include Cloud Migration, Technical Leadership, Modernizing with SQL 2019, Linux for SQL Server Professionals etc etc. I have to admit there are several of these that I’m really excited about trying out. Can’t wait to see y’all there!

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