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Release Your Inner Synapse


I don’t know about you, but as Microsoft has produced the Azure Synapse platform, I see a plethora of needs that could be fulfilled by it. Being in a financial institution I am constantly reminded of the world we live in now and the real need and desired for all things data.

The Azure Synapse platform is a complete platform for analytics which blends data warehousing needs, data integration, and big data into one end to end single service at a cloud scale.

Now more than ever data is at the forefront of business. It is the lifeblood to most and as the digital economy continues to expand at an exponential rate technology will need to keep pace. “Without analytics, data is a cost center, not a resource” I think that statement provides great insight into the future of businesses and data itself. If you stop and think about it, data in general, will either make or break you in most cases from a business perspective, and we are only as good as the information we take in at any given time.

Below is a high overview of what the Analytics Service offers:

As companies start need data at an unprecedented pace we find that having a one-stop shop offering for your data will become a game changer and give companies an edge. What does this unified experience look like for you?

I have many opinions about the platform, but what I like a lot about it is the ability to support multiple programming languages such as Python, .NET, SQL, and others. This combined with having integrations in AI, Machine learning, and business intelligence all on the same unified platform continues to set the bar high for future enhancements.

As you can see from the above figure the Analytics runtimes for SQL and Spark. Being able to have insights into shared data lakes opens several doors for businesses to take advantage of analytics like never before.

Security is also a big proponent of Azure Synapse. From automated threat detection to always-on data encryption; to column-level security you will find that there is an elaborate methodology in keeping your data safe and secured. One thing I still would like to check out is the Dynamic Data Masking that Azure Synapse supports.

If you haven’t checked into Azure Synapse yet I encourage you to do so. As you get acclimated and dive into it you will find quickly that you are in control of your data allowing you to query your data on your terms.

Additional resources to help you get started are:

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