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Reblog from Brent Ozar: Designing a Data Model for Gender and Sexuality (Oh And Also, I’m Pansexual)


This is a repost of a blog by Brent Ozar. I seriously doubt anyone reading this post hasn’t seen Brent’s but just in case, and in order to show enthusiastic support here we go. (To read the whole thing click on Brent’s nose.)

These days, mostly focuses on the Microsoft data platform. However, you and I have a relationship, dear reader, so I just need to talk about some personal stuff today.

No, I'm not listening to YMCA.

Lemme get two things out of the way first:

  • I’m pansexual, and
  • From a data modeling perspective, that’s different from bisexuality

I totally understand if you’re breathing into a paper bag right now, freaked out because that’s a lot to take in. You can close this blog post and come back to it later, or even just close it, hahaha – I understand that it’s a challenging topic.

But if you wanna learn more about me and data modeling, let’s dig in.

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