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Presenting at “Data Architecture Day” this Saturday (May 16th) at 4:10 PM EDT


(last updated: 2020-05-14 @ 17:40 ET / 2020-05-14 @ 21:40 UTC )

For anyone who is interested and available, I will be giving my “Module Signing: Use Certificates to Grant Higher-level Permissions Without Compromising Security” presentation this Saturday — May 16th, 2020 @ 4:10 PM Eastern Time / 8:10 PM UTC — for Data Architecture Day 2020, organized by TriPASS, the Triangle SQL Server User Group. “Data Architecture Day is a free, one-day event dedicated to architecture across the data platform space.”

This is an online-only event (that shouldn’t be a surprise) streamed on, a one-way streaming site. This site does not require anyone to have an account in order to view a stream. However, questions can only be asked via the chat, and that does require an account (you can connect either via a Facebook account or by signing up with the site). The URL for the event is:

My presentation will cover much of what can be found in the following post:

PLEASE, Please, please Stop Using Impersonation, TRUSTWORTHY, and Cross-DB Ownership Chaining

Again, my presentation starts at 4:10 PM Eastern Time / 8:10 PM UTC (that’s 16:10 ET / 20:10 UTC for those who prefer the 24-hour format).

The full schedule for the day (first session starts at 9:00 AM Eastern Time, final session starts at 9:00 PM Eastern Time) can be found here.

Full details for the event (though not much else that hasn’t been noted here already) can be found here.

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