#PowershellBasics: Powershell vs Powershell Core


I’m taking a Powershell class this week and I have to say the teacher is one of the best I’ve had. He’s one of those people who gets you excited about the subject. So that said, you’re likely to see a number of posts over the next little while about various Powershell subjects.

If you are interested the instructor is Charles Watkins with New Horizons. If you get a chance to take one of his classes, I recommend it.

On to the subject! Powershell vs Powershell Core.

Based on what I’m reading it looks like Powershell Core will be replacing the initial Windows Powershell. Not yet, and probably not soon, but it’s looking that way from what I’m reading. Here are some of the differences I’m seeing as of right now (10/2019):

  • Windows Powershell (from here on WPosh) is natively installed. Powershell Core (CPosh) requires a download from the GitHub link above.
  • WPosh is version 5 and lower. CPosh is version 6+
  • CPosh is multi-platform, including several versions of Linux, MacOS and of course Windows. Although remember certain commands are only going to make sense under certain platforms. This is a big deal though if you are working on multiple platforms.
  • WPosh has a lot more commands than CPosh. Probably because CPosh is far newer, but also possibly because it’s core, which usually implies a reduced instruction set. (my interpretation only, don’t quote me)


Now, you can have both Windows Powershell and Powershell Core installed so I’m planning on doing so and using Core as much as possible. At least getting used to it.

Note: I’ll be doing a series of posts based on the stuff I’ve learned from this class. I’m going to tag them all as #PowershellBasics.

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