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#PASSDataSummit – Keynote 2 Live Blogging


Happy to be chosen to live blog the keynote events out at the PASSDataSummit in Seattle, Washington this week. This page will be updated through the Keynotes, all you have to do is hit refresh to view live updates as we go…….

These are challenging times for every business everywhere. So how can you ensure you get the most from your investment in IT, to meet your needs now, while also preparing you for an uncertain future? Join Jakub Lamik, Steve Jones, and Kathi Kellenberger in this keynote which looks at how the world is changing for data professionals, and the areas to focus on which will bring the best return on your investment in the long term.


And we are off…starting off with a show of first-time attendees to the PASS Data Community Summit; providing some recaps of Day 1’s Keynote.

Steve Jones took the stage and is going back in time to talk about the history of the conference.

“Paying it forward on what I’ve learned”. Community and bringing people together. “Truly are a #sqlfamily”

1999 – 1200 people attended; 2019 – roughly 4000 people attended. A bigger conference that has grown through the years.

“RedGate is more than just software; RedGate is the kind of company that I would want to build. They believe in the community”

Something magical about this place….people coming together to learn…

Jakub Lamik, CEO of RedGate, now takes the stage…

“Why RedGate? Database professionals answer important questions about our world. You help us to solve complex problems.”

“Every business is a software business” quote by Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. “every one of these businesses now is going to become a software business, where you’re going to reason about all this data”

78% have two or more database systems.

“Multi-database environments are here to stay, and complexity is growing.” – Steve Jones

David Bick head of product management is taking the stage.

Flyway product supports over 25+ databases. We see some most used are PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Snowflake, etc.

Flyway latest version is 9.8.1 with over 121 contributors.

Flyway Enterprise has been redeveloped giving a rich environment of source control, CI, and Release Management.

“Cloud requires and enables collaboration”

Arneh Eskandari the Solutions Engineer Manager now takes the stage to talk about Cloud adoption for databases.

377 speakers at this year’s Pass Data Community Summit

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