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#PASSDataSummit – Keynote 1 Live Blogging


Happy to be chosen to live blog the keynote events out at the PASSDataSummit in Seattle, Washington this week. This page will be updated through the Keynotes, all you have to do is hit refresh to view live updates as we go…….

First up is Kate Duggan Chief Marketing Officer from RedGate…

40% of attendees are first-time attendees!!! Welcome…


Rohan Kumar Profile Picture

Rohan Kumar

CVP, Microsoft Azure Data

Next up is Rohan Kumar with Microsoft…The power of coming together.

Azure Data communities 155,000+ members, 145+ user groups in 41 countries.

“The power of coming together”; “thankful to the PASS community to come together and share our ideas in person”

Data challenges today such as data governance, analytics and intelligence, and operational databases.

The Microsoft Intelligent Platform – governance, AI ML, and databases to analytics. Let’s cut down these silos between them. Analytics and databases have to talk with each other and make it easy.

“When the silos get broken down, it becomes much easier”.

SQL Server investments…continual innovations built into SQL Server, giving you higher return on your investments.

General Availability SQL Server 2022 is here!!!!!!!!!!

Also announcing a new SQL Server pay as you go licensing model to your on premises model!!!!!

Next up for a live competition Anna Hoffman and Bob Ward

Bob Ward and Conner Cunningham talking about SQL Server 2022 performance enhancements.

As Rohan takes back the stage we begin seeing Azure SQL the family of SQL cloud edge databases. “Azure is the cloud that knows SQL Server best”

General Availabitlity with link feature for Azure SQL Managed instance along with backup portability with SQL Server 2022.

Announcing SQL + Apps Migration Factory offer.

Azure Cosmos DB – Automatic and instant scalability with SLA-backed speed and availability. General available is Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL.

General availability for Azure Synapse link for SQL. New in Azure Synapse Link for SQL…Automate data transfer and eliminate barriers with schedule mode, smaller compute capacity support, vNet support, full support for datetime data types.

General availability Azure Data Factory SAP Change Data Capture connector.

Data Governance is being helped by Microsoft Purview – Unified Data Governance…Data Map which is automating and managing meta data at scale. Data Catalog which enables effortless discovery for data consumers, and Data Estate Insights that helps assess data usage, compliance and risks across your organization.

General availability – improved root cause analysis and traceability with SQL Dynamic lineage.

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