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PASS Data Summit 2023 KeyNote 2


Morning from the PASS Data Summit!

I will be live blogging the event again today, so check back for announcements and releases throughout the keynote.

Today, we will dive into The New Database Landscape – Revealing Shifts and Charting the Next Horizon.

As database environments and their demands on database professionals continue to diversify, you and your organization face various challenges – some fresh and some familiar. Join David Gummer, Ryan Booz, Stephanie Herr, and Tushita Gupta from Redgate as they share perspectives on navigating this shifting domain. From personal journeys between database platforms to insights from Redgate’s customer base and a preview of the findings from our 2024 State of the Database Landscape report, in this session, you’ll hear a variety of viewpoints about the evolving world of databases. Find out how Redgate is responding to these developments in the industry and how we continue to support the community and our customers through these changes, together with the launch of new solutions that will help you meet the requirements heading your way. You’ll leave with new insights into how you and database professionals everywhere can thrive in a cross-database landscape and how Redgate can support your journey.


…and we are off on Day 2 for the Pass Data Summit…

Ryan Booz talking about community and welcoming the Postgres community.

Tushita Gupta takes the stage. Tushita is the Head of Product Design at Redgate.

Sharing insights from the state of the database landscape report. Hearing from over 4000 participants.

A live survey on how many database platforms is our organization using…..

44% Differing needs /use cases for each platform.

35% have increased complexity and 30% are facing skill diversification.

If you don’t offer a centralized solution for monitoring for all types of databases, then people won’t use it.

“Cost based optimizations are now a large part of our DBAs evolving role”

Automation is key which includes automated testing.

60% utlize raw production data for testing based on survey results. Wow

“The ability to create the test database for what you need it to be – volume and type of data, would be really great”

MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL being tied in with RedGate products to help anywhere and engaging the community to get the most value.

SQL Prompt with AI – – ummmm what?

Release of Test Data Management being released by RedGate

Stephanie Herr takes the stage to talk about Test Data Management

Releasing of Test Data Management provides a great single pane which is becoming a marquee for the RedGate Products.

SQL Monitor will be extended to MySQL and Oracle.

AI and Machine learning is a huge opportunity and investing in Prompt + but there is much more to come across more of the technology suite

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