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PASS Data Summit 2023 KeyNote 1


Morning from the PASS Data Summit!

I will be live blogging the event today, so check back for announcements and releases throughout the keynote.

Today, we have Shireesh Thota, Vice President for Azure Databases. He will discuss The mission of Azure Data: to help customers build a new class of data-first applications and drive a data culture where every employee can make better data-based decisions. Shireesh leads product management, engineering, and cloud operations for Azure databases. The products in his team’s portfolio include Azure SQL Database (on-prem, Hybrid, and Cloud), Azure Cosmos DB, Azure PostgreSQL, and MySQL. Previously, as the Senior Vice President at SingleStore, Shireesh was responsible for the company’s end-to-end engineering and product vision. Before moving to SingleStore, Shireesh was a founding member of Cosmos DB, where he architected, designed, and directly contributed to multiple critical pieces of the services. Shireesh has 15+ years of experience on large-scale, big data, scale-out, relational, and schema-agnostic distributed systems across SQL, Cosmos DB, and PostgreSQL/Citus.


….and we are off CEO Jakub Lamik at RedGate kicking it off for us with a welcome

“2023 PASS Summit is back and better than ever with peers from over 44 countries”

“5 tracks, 232 sessions, and 231 speakers.”

“43% first time attendees this year”

Shireesh Thota getting ready to take the stage…

Azure Databases are on tap as we talk about Limitless growth, limitless opprotunities: Data and innovation in an AI world.

“Limitless scale, flexible tools, buil-in AI, Performance, Gauranteed. These Azure databases could help with limitless growth.”

“Azure Data Community has 155k members, 172+ user groups, in 44 countries”

“SQL Server is turning 30 years”

Assad Kahn takes the stage to talk about SQL from edge to cloud. “Last year we annnouned SQL Server 2022 from PASS Summit.”

“SQL Server 2022 is teh fastest adopted version of SQL Server.”

Announcing a new monitoring feature for Arc. Monitoring for SQL Server which is in Preview, Enhanced HA/DR managment which is in Preview, Extended Security Updates as a Service in GA

Azure SQL Managed Instance feature wave – Generally Available

Azure SQL Managed instance free offer – in previw (will be available soon) 12 months of free managed instance.

Cloud Modernization Journey (Evaluate, Optimize, Migrate, and Modernize).

Intelligent applications that include AI features….oh boy let’s buckle up.

500 million new apps will be built in the next 5 years.

CoPilots will be used significantly over the next several years.

“Azure SQL Database is fast, flexible, secure modern app development for workloads big or small. Can help deliver AI-ready apps faster, build applications that grow with you, and keep your data secure and available”

Azure SQL Database Hypserscale will be same price as commercial OSS databases – General Available mid December

Bob Ward and Conor Cunningham taking the stage.

Azure Cosmos DB for AI apps.

Dynamic scaling per partition and per region – Public Preview

Azure database for PostgreSQL – premium SSD v2 – public preview, Near Zero Downtime Scaling – generally available, IOPs Scaling – public preview.

Azure Database for MySQL – Performance enhancement with Accelerated Logs – Public Preview

Bob Ward and Anna Hoffman take the stage to go through CoPilot for SQL Server.

“Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore – Generally Available, Vector Search in Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore – Generally Available, and Natural language queries for Azure Cosmos DB – Public Preview.”

“Azure Database for PostgreSQL Extension for Azure AI – Preview”

Database of the future – autonomous and intelligent, developer friendly, cost efficient, and mission critical by default.

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