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Learn TSQL for free online – starting today


Thanks to the support of Redgate, I’ve launched a new course which teaches you the basics of TSQL. The course is totally free, no logins required — we don’t even ask for the email address.

Check out the course on Redgate University

The course is here:

Each week has an embedded video for the course, along with a link to the syllabus and scripts. The videos also have a timeline in case you wish to jump to a particular part of the discussion.

Want to join live?

I’m publishing a new module each week, and we have five weeks to go. There’s a calendar reminder in the course if you want to join me live on Wednesdays at 3 pm BST / 11 AM EST, or you can catch the videos each week and follow along.

Want to learn Query Tuning, Reporting Services, or PowerBI?

Redgate’s Community Circle initiative has other free courses on these topics. Check out the free course list here.

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