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Kusto Query Language – a series


This blog post is about a new query language that I have learnt and I really think you need to learn it too. Especially if you are doing ANYTHING in Azure.

Basically about 3.5 years ago I was building some things in Azure and I realised that I need to get diagnostics and metric information – from all the data that I was capturing.I found that Log Analytics had everything I needed from an infrastructure side…

Then I worked with some awesome frontend developer who were using KQL and Application Insights to get telemetry information about their web services hosted in Azure.

I started learning KQL and realised that I needed to start sharing the brilliance of it.

I have felt so strongly about this that I’ve done a number of talks and even videos on it.

The idea behind it is pretty much the same:

Azure is the leading platform for many companies, and to manage your databases and other infrastructure you need to have insights into what is happening.
You need to be able to query the Azure platform, to not only understand your infrastructure but also to leverage monitoring and analytics to react to operational changes occurring in it.
This session will introduce you to the Kusto Query Language (KQL) which will allow you to query a variety of Azure resources.

At User Groups:

Videos: (excuse the hair….)

I knew I was onto a good thing when my close mate Steve Jones blogged about it here:

So I have decided to start a series of blog posts here that talk about the magic-ness of KQL.

Here we go……


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