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High Availability options for SQL Server 2008 in an Azure VM – a #sqlhelp story


I asked a question on Twitter yesterday:

And check out the magic of the sqlhelp hash tag, I got loads of answers! So many that I’m actually selecting a few here for the purposes of keeping this post readable. First, John Morehouse , a smartie and a consultant who does a lot of great work in the cloud and on-prem helped me figure out what would be needed for clustering (which isn’t something you can do simply with this version in an Azure VM)…

I also got input from two smarties at Microsoft, Oscar Zamora and Amit Banerjee. (Amit has been my hero since forever so that’s awesome, right???)

And also Dr SQL himself, Glenn Berry chimed in — he is also a consultant and specializes in topics like high availability and performance.

Other folks responded as well. It can be so useful to get multiple perspectives on a topic, and I’m continuously amazed at how helpful folks in the Microsoft Data Platform community are when they can help out with a question.

Thanks to everyone who helped me out!

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