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Starter Template

I saved this as a snippet for vscode to get up and running quickly with something better than the defaults for handling func main isolation.

I’ve been working on modifying this a bit as I don’t really like using args, but am trying not to overcomplicate things as a new gopher.

I tend to like better flag parsing than using args, but it’s still a better pattern to get functions isolated from main to easily test.

The gist that I’ve taken from this and discussions in the community is ensure that main is where program termination is dedicated instead of handling this in your functions.

This isolation of logic from main ensures you can more easily setup your tests as well, since func main() isn’t testable.

package main
// package template from:
import (
const (
// exitFail is the exit code if the program
 // fails.
 exitFail = 1
func main() {
if err := run(os.Args, os.Stdout); err != nil {
fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, "%sn", err)
func run(args []string, stdout io.Writer) error {
if len(args) == 0 {
return errors.New("no arguments")
for _, value := range args[1:] {
fmt.Fprintf(stdout, "Running %s", value)
return nil

Puzzles - FizzBuzz

I honestly had never done any algorithm or interview puzzles beyond sql-server, so I was really happy to knock this out relatively easily.

At least I pass the basic Joel test ??

#development #golang

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