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Create and Verify Microsoft Fabric Capacity


From June 1, 2023, Microsoft Fabric (preview) capacities are available via the Azure portal. Now, we can provision Microsoft fabric easily using Microsoft PowerBI premium per capacity or using Microsoft fabric capacity using Azure portal. It is important to note that all the capacity sits under Microsoft Fabric tenants. In this blog, we delve into the topic of purchasing Microsoft Fabric capacity from the Azure portal and assign to workspace.

Steps to Purchase Fabric Capacity

  1. Navigate to the Azure portal and log in with your credentials. If you haven’t yet set up an Azure account, you can sign up here to get started.
  2. Create a new resource group. In this demo, I’ll create a resource group called “rg-fabric-lab”.
  3. After creating the resource group, search in Azure search bar “Microsoft Fabric” to purchase capacity.

  1. Click the “+ Create” button to create a new resource group.
  2. On “Basics” tab: Choose the subscription, Resource Group name, Key the capacity name, Select Region, Capacity Size, and Fabric Capacity Administrator.

  1. On Tags Tab: Key the tag name.

  1. On “Review + create” tab: review the settings you’ve chosen for the resource group, if everything looks good, click the “Create” button to create the resource group.

  1. After successfully creating the Fabric capacity, navigate to the Microsoft Fabric section to verify it.

  1. Open the Fabric homepage and make sure logged in using Fabric Capacity Administrator.

  1. Click on the Settings icon and select Admin Portal.

  1. On the Admin portal’s Capacity Settings tab, select Fabric Capacity to view the purchased capacity.


The Azure portal provides a seamless way to create Microsoft Fabric capacities. This blog explored the process of purchasing and assigning Microsoft Fabric capacity, either through Microsoft Power BI Premium per capacity or directly via the Azure portal. It’s worth noting that all capacity is managed within Microsoft Fabric tenants. The provided steps guide users through creating a resource group, purchasing capacity, and accessing the Admin portal to view the purchased capacity.

In the next blog, we will see how we can assign the capacity to Workspace. 

Happy Learning!!

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