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Connecting to the SQL Server Community Online: Uplifting Folks


We’ve got a session coming up in the free Redgate Streamed virtual conference on, “How database DevOps levels up remote work.” When thinking about that session I began thinking about other ways to improve remote work.

While I worked remotely for nearly ten years until recently and have established practices which work well for me , moving to another country and the general chaos and uncertainty right now as the world tries to cope with a global pandemic have increased my feelings of worry and loneliness.

I have found that certain folks in my Twitter feed help me feel connected, combat my worry, and also add some good old fashioned nerdiness to my day. They level up my remote work day!

If you could use a few more connections in your life and would like to get started on Twitter, I highly recommend following these friendly folks who love working with data, and who bring thoughtfulness and happiness into the community:

Cathrine Wilhelmsen, aka @cathrinew

Cathrine loves teaching and learning, and her tweets always teach me something, give me something to think about, or improve my day in some way.

Cathrine’s bio: “SQL/Data geek, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, speaker, blogger and chronic volunteer. Taller on Twitter! Loves sci-fi, chocolate, coffee, and cats. She/Her.”

Mala Mahadevan, aka @sqlmal

Mala constantly learns and shares. She is one of the kindest people I know as well as an honest person, and her tweets remind me that one can confront things and be kind at the same time.

Mala’s bio: ” SQL Server Enthusiast, PASS Regional Mentor-NE region, here to learn and follow all things SQL. My views do not reflect views of my employer. She/Her”

Drew Furgiuele, aka @Pittfurg

Drew loves dogs, databases, and people who are doing their best.

Drew’s bio: “KE8SQL. Former Data Platform MVP turned Microsoft PFE. Co-host of podcast. Tweets and opinions my own. The toughest guy in Letterkenny”

Jess Pomfret, aka @jpomfret

Jess is stellar at automation. Her twitter feed also always makes me feel like doing something active, even if it’s just a quick set of exercises in my home office (and as a lazy person I really need this kind of inspiration)

Jess’ bio: “She/Her. SQL Server, PowerShell, Crossfit, Proper Football”

Andy Mallon, aka @AMtwo

Andy provides a lot of dog photos and asks essential questions in polls, like “What’s the appropriate thing to say when you toot?” These are the things that keep me sane. He’s really good at managing databases too and he probably even posts about that sometimes.

Andy’s bio: ” Boston Terror. Database Artist. Dog Dad. Carbatarian. I am a four letter word. Vaccinated. he/him. #Food #Politics #SQL #Activism #TeamOxfordComma

Steve Jones, aka @way0utwest

Steve lives on a ranch, so he’s got horse photos, ranch photos, and mountain views. He’s also got a really grounded-but-positive perspective on things. He’s thoughtful. He has good ideas. (Proof: he not only founded SQLServerCentral, he also co-founded SQLSaturday events back in the day!)

Steve’s bio is truly minimalist. It is: “Editor,

Buck Woody, aka @BuckWoodyMSFT

Buck is more than a person. He’s more of an experience. Follow Buck for learning resources, tutorials on loads of things across the data platform and analytics, terrible puns that you’ll still laugh at, and also a lot of kindness.

Buck’s bio is empty.

There are loads of awesome people in the community, and this isn’t an exhaustive list — not by far!

These are simply the people I thought of first today! If I didn’t list you, it doesn’t mean I don’t love ya ??

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