Back for More with SQL, Azure, Machine Learning, Big Data!!!!


Let me start with an apology for being missing so long 🙂 Guess was trying to find where technology takes me as I started my journey with pool of products that Microsoft cloud had to offer me!!! Every now and then however I would refer to my own blogs because the RAM of a human brain has limited capacity, it can only store this much....

I bet you all would agree ,with the technology ever so evolving I need to bring my feet back to the ground where it all began.

Learning, sharing, teaching, updating and repeat. 

Thanks Surabhi for being my pillar and ensuring I never stop. 

With every year you kept me going and still keep me going..So what's the update I bring you for this blog and technology ? My new series will be based around the following segments

1) More about SQL , lift up your heads for cloud
2) Bringing out magic from data in SQL cloud
3) What can machines not learn with algorithms ?

I'm super excited as I start again. Hope you are too !!!!

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