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Azure Synapse Case Study


Let’s introduce our customer and their product

Our client is working in telecommunications providing secure and reliable networks. They are an independent supplier of mobile, data and voice services in 4 countries with over 2000 employees. Their network covers over 55 000 km of optic cables and 20 000 000 km of metallic cables.

What exactly happened to our customer before JC and Synapse?

After the first initial discussion with the client, we understand better their situation and what obstacles they are facing. Which troubles this customer had?

  • on-premise data warehouse loads were failing due to sizings
  • data warehouse reached a point where it could not be restored from back-up
  • users had data warehouse unavailable for several days
  • it was not possible to scale hardware or optimize current solution due to decision to invest into migration of data warehouse to cloud
  • on-prem data warehouse was not able to meet reporting deadlines or reload data several times per day
  • customer was not able to report insights to owners and key stakeholders

How did JC process the cooperation and what activities did it focus on?

We will briefly describe you our processes and how did we fix all those troubles. We always try to operate Azure Synapse quick and smoothly. And this is what we did.

  • Joyful Craftsmen formed an Azure expert team in cooperation with customers team
  • started an agile data warehouse delivery fully in cloud
  • set up the cloud environment within few days
  • delivered key scope of data warehouse within 6 months

What was the final solution?

  • cloud data warehouse in Azure Synapse Analytics – dedicated pool
  • dynamic scalability framework
  • use scalability to boost performance of queries writing without perfect optimization skills
  • meta data driven framework
  • data source processing with Databricks
  • mission critical data warehouse loads with Azure Synapse dedicated pool

And what was the result?

It was a challenge (and we love challenges!) but customer success is the cornerstone of our daily mindset. So let’s have a look what all customer gained.

  • was able to scale solution to boost performance
  • great price / performance ratio
  • had their data warehouse in cloud
  • got agile data warehouse delivery
  • were able to perform near real time reporting via streaming
  • were able to meet and overpass their reporting deadlines
  • ability to make timely decisions driven by data

So the customer can now seemingly use their rarely collected data in making everyday decisions and trust every character they see. We, like no one else, care about data collection and the quality and effectiveness of the presentation.

I’m working with SQL Server and Microsoft Data platform over 10 years. I worked in this area from MS BI application solution development through MS BI infrastructure projects to pre-sales engineer. I like Microsoft BI very much and I follow the new trends in this area as well as the competition technologies. The most important for me is that I advance with experience and know how in this area.


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