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Azure Platform Series – renaming your YAML pipeline in Azure DevOps


This blog post is about YAML pipelines in Azure DevOps.

I had a repo called InfrastructureAsCode for a client. I have been transitioning them to use YAML for their build pipelines in Azure DevOps – because now we can source control the build itself.

If you do not know what a YAML pipeline is in Azure DevOps check it out here:

You can try this for yourself by using the awesome AzureDevOpsLabs:

I had created a pipeline using YAML – which was called InfrastructureAsCode as the YAMP file was in the root directory.

However I wanted to move it into a folder .InfrastructureAsCodepipelines… and run the YAML file from there – as I would have a non-prod and PROD version of them (as the schedule was different for each).

That went well – but I didn’t like the name InfrastructureAsCode as my pipeline name. And it got worse when I added the PROD version of the YAML file – I now had InfrastuctureAsCode(1).

That’s even uglier.

So I needed to rename the pipeline – but how do you do this with YAML??

Well – click your pipeline and edit it and then up in the right hand corner is the 3 dots – click that and choose Triggers:

Click on YAML tab:

And now you have renamed your pipeline!!


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