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Using XP_EXECRESULTSET To Obtain Database Size Information and More

Have you ever used XP_RESULTSET in SQL Server? If you're like most DBAs, this procedure is rarely used and can be a little complicated to setup. New author J. T. Shyman brings us a look at just how useful this command can be in executing a command on every database.

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List SQL backups

During the process of developing a script to make copies of local SQL database and transaction log backups, I needed to come up with an easy way of locating the backup files. This script queries the SQL2000 backup tables in the msdb database and returns backup start dates, types (D=database, L=Log, I=Differential) and the location […]

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Microsoft Announcement: Microsoft Fabric


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Introduction to SQL Server Query Store


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Flyway with Multiple Folders


A customer asked about how they could organize their migration scripts in different ways...

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