Join SQLSat Memphis Virtually This Saturday


Looking forward to presenting at SQLSaturday Memphis virtually this weekend! Both my wife and I...

Failing SQL Agent Jobs – Part 4


Here we are, another Tuesday!! It is time for our Fourth and final installment...

I Want PASS to Survive


I want PASS to survive. I can say that unequivocally, because this organization has...

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If no record (from table variable) found in a table return null value instead

By scienceof8

Hello, I am sure this is simple but I just can't get what I...

In search of Database scripts version control strategy or process

By blogs4t

Hello! I am looking for strategy/process that helps to achieve database scripts version control...

Calculating offset (adding days to a date but keeping same day name of week)

By Charlottecb

Ok, I've written a bit of code and it's horrible and looks terribly inefficient...

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