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sys.xp_delete_files and ‘allow filesystem enumeration’: two new undocumented items in SQL Server 2019


sys.xp_delete_files and 'allow filesystem enumeration': two new undocumented items in SQL Server 2019… Continue...

Actual Difference Between EXISTS(SELECT 1 …), EXISTS(SELECT * …), and EXISTS(SELECT column …)


Is EXISTS(SELECT 1 ...) better than EXISTS(SELECT * ...)? Who would know better than...

ANSI_WARNINGS = OFF can break update statements with some SQL features


Working on a SQL 2017 database where an external, non-Microsoft application has direct access...

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Fetch IP address in query/job

By haichells

Hi, I am trying to fetch IP address of the SQL Server through Query...

Deleting duplicate records with a CTE

By michael.leach2015

This code is modified from an example I saw.  The purpose is to delete...

Building Your Brand

By Grant Fritchey

Comments posted to this topic are about the item Building Your Brand

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