SQL Licensing

Recently, there are lots of questions about SQL licenses, many of them came from the fact that they starting to upgrade to 2012/2014 from their old 2005 servers as...


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SQLpassion Online Training about Intelligent Query Processing


(Be sure to checkout the FREE SQLpassion Performance Tuning Training Plan - you get...

What the ???? T-SQL Tuesday #120


Hey, it’s T-SQL Tuesday again! I almost forgot about it what with Summit and...

First Time Speaking at PASS Summit


This week, I filmed my experience as a first time speaker at PASS Summit...

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Query to check when the AG is created

By ramyours2003

I need to find when the availabilty is created  in always on is any...

SSRS architecture choices

By phual

Hello everyone We've got a SQL Server 2017 install setup on a failover cluster....

Replication and Log shipping

By bornmanh

I have the following scenario. Server A has transactional replication setup to a subscriber...

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