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XP_ENUM Stored Procedures


Digging a little deeper this week into extended stored procedures, we find the xp_enum procedures. These

procedures require no parameters but provide a handy bridge to the operating system and is extremely helpful for developers.

Xp_enumgroups will display all NT groups that are currently on your SQL Server. It requires no parameters are the data is loaded into

a varchar (255) format (perfect for loading into a temp table for usage).

Xp_enumdsn will display all the DSNs installed on the SQL Server, not the client workstation.

Xp_enum_activescriptengines is also a nice extended stored procedure that will display all

the scripting engines installed on your server currently. SQL Server uses this to provide you a list of scripting engines in DTS Designer.

Keep in mind that in any extended stored procedure, SQL Server will use the security for whichever account is starting SQL Server. If security is a concern

with these exteneded stored procedures, make sure you lock them down.