Red Gate to respond instantly to user requests at SQL in the City Charlotte and PASS 2013


CAMBRIDGE, UK, October 11, 2013 – Red Gate is shipping new features and fixes this week, based on requests from attendees at SQL in the City Charlotte and PASS Summit 2013.

Conference goers can deliver their requests to Jonathan Watts and Alasdair Daw from Red Gate’s Customer Joy development team, who will send them on to a dedicated team in the UK.

Ship it!

Feature requests and bug reports rarely get delivered in person, so Watts hopes it will give people a chance to make their feelings heard. “We’re hoping it’ll help us see what people really care about: the features they’d kill to see us add, the bugs that get them truly riled up.”

Watts will sort through the feedback and tell the UK development team what to focus on. “I’ll relay small requests back to the team, and we’ll aim to ship them to customers that week.

“We’ll consider any requests, big or small, and add the bigger features to future releases.”

Instant gratification

The team will work flat out to deliver as many features and fixes as possible during the conference. Watts hopes he’ll be able to tell some attendees about completed jobs in person.

“It’s always a good feeling to let someone know their bug has been fixed within a day of them reporting it. This week is about trying to get as many of those moments as possible,” says Watts.

Anyone who can’t make it to Charlotte is invited to submit bugs and feature requests online at

To follow the Live Labs event as it happens, keep an eye on #redgate on Twitter.

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