Red Gate Software’s SQL Monitor 3.0 gives users the power of custom metrics


Red Gate Software’s SQL Monitor 3.0 gives users the power of custom metrics

Cambridge, UK (April 3, 2012) – Red Gate Software has released Version 3.0 of SQL Monitor, a performance monitoring and alerting tool.

Trademark Simplicity

SQL Monitor 3 adds new layers of functionality around custom metrics (measure any server and application data) and user roles (permission-level settings), while safeguarding its trademark ease of use and simplicity.

Same easy-to-use product, now with wider appeal for experienced DBAs

SQL Monitor has been tailored to work for everyone who looks after SQL Servers from the novice to the experienced professional.

The intuitive settings and easy installation help get results from Day 1, and with new custom metrics users can make SQL Monitor collect any data they want by adding their own T-SQL scripts.

If users run applications that store data on monitored servers, they can collect application data and track business activity with SQL Monitor.

Red Gate has also provided a guide to get users started on custom metrics.

New user roles mean administrators have more control over who can make major and minor changes to SQL Monitor’s settings and the data it collects.

Users can let anyone from their boss to their intern see real insights into server performance for themselves, without worrying about whether they’ll change anything.

”The added flexibility is second-to-none”

David Bick, Product Manager for SQL Monitor, says:

“I love building tools like SQL Monitor that do exactly what they say they’ll do. We came up with this idea, we call it embedded expertise, it’s been the driving factor for us. Embedded expertise means that SQL Monitor focuses its power and attention on gathering the most important data, while custom metrics allow people to collect whatever server data they want on the side, without breaking Monitor’s concentration. It’s an ideal solution which gives SQL Monitor added flexibility that’s second-to-none.”

Try SQL Monitor live as it tracks the servers for

Red Gate uses SQL Monitor to look after the servers for the world’s favorite SQL community website, and full access to see the data is given to the public in a live-demo capacity via