Nightmare Contest


Murphy’s Law: If something can go wrong, it will go wrong. This includes backup and recovery.

Have you ever said “oops!” or “oh no…” or “it’s gone, I can’t believe it…?” We want to hear from you. Commiserate with your fellow DBAs, get it off your chest…and WIN TWO GREAT PRIZES.

The best story (as determined by the readers of will win:


A Standard Version of LiteSpeed for SQL Server from Imceda Software:

backup your database in as little as 70% of the time, compress those files to up to 95% of their original size, and, if

something goes wrong, get back up and running in as little as half the



A Bose Quiet Comfort II Noise-canceling headset -- drown

out the noise around you with rich bass tones, crystal clear melodies, and

Bose’s noise-canceling technology.





The Second prize winner will receive a full version of Speed Coefficient, the advanced SQL analysis tool from Imceda that makes reporting and performance-tuning a snap! Complements of Imceda.



SQL Server Central will also be give away a 1 year subscription to the SQL Server Standard and a polo shirt.

Send your entries to with a subject of "Oops"

before September 1. The entries will be posted and voting will take place from Sept 6 - 17 with the winner being announced on September 20.


Contest Rules:

  1. The story should be related to backup/restore, disaster recovery, or some data recovery story.
  2. Participants must be 18 or over
  3. Submissions must not contain any company names, they must

    not defame or debase any company in any way

  4. Employees of Imceda Software or and

    their immediate families are ineligible to win

  5. Submissions will be reviewed for suitability by the site

    editor and contest promoters before they are posted.

  6. Stories that are determined obscene will not be posted
  7. All stories must be received before September 6, 2004.