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DBA Resume for US market

DBA Resume for US market

Evgeny Garaev
Evgeny Garaev
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Guys, I created resume but I am not sure will it be competitive on US job market? May be you can give me advice how to change it? May be I did grammar / spelling mistakes whatsoever?

And thank you in advance.

Here it is:

Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator, H1B sponsorship required.

• Advanced knowledge of deploying and managing Microsoft SQL Server on Microsoft Failover Cluster.
• In-depth knowledge of high availability and disaster recovery solutions such as: database mirroring, log shipping, AlwaysOn Availability Groups, backup and recovery.
• Expertise in database performance tuning.
• Experience administrating OLTP databases with thousands transactions per second.
• Working with multi-terabyte databases of both types: OLAP and OLTP.

RDBMS: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL
Operating Systems: Windows Server, Windows Failover clustering, Active Directory, Linux, Solaris
Software: SQL, Transact-SQL, SSIS, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, PL/SQL, Unix/Linux Shell Scripting
Hardware: servers, network, NAS, SAN, RAID

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Data Platform (MCSE)
Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008 (MCM)
MCITP: Database Administrator 2005/2008, Database Developer 2008, Business Intelligence Developer
Oracle Certified Professional 9i (with managing Oracle9i on Linux) and 10g (OCP)

XX/XXXX – Present Database Administrator, XXXXX, XXXXX
• Accomplished data migration from production MySQL database into production SQL Server without production databases outage.
• Numerous performance problems solved by changing physical database architecture, changing logical database architecture, tuning indexes, and maintaining statistics.
• Fortified SQL Server databases by introducing new security policy and reducing application service accounts rights on databases.
• Designed databases health check process which offload DBCC tasks from production environment.
• Log shipping implemented as high availability and reporting solution for all SQL Server production databases.
• Automated process of producing databases for test purposes, which are much smaller in size and have obfuscated data, from latest backups of production databases.

XX/20XX – XX/20XX Database Administrator, XXXXX, XXXXX
• Initiated database upgrade of SQL Server 2000 and 2005 instances to SQL Server 2008 with following database consolidation, saving over 50% of licenses costs by unifying database platform.
• Implemented Failover Clustering with SQL Server 2008 for mission critical databases which were mirrored with Failover Cluster databases on disaster recovery site.
• Developed and implemented database reorganize/rebuild index scripts, which incur minimal overhead than standard index maintenance plans.
• Enhanced SQL Server databases security by introducing SQL Server TCP/IP traffic encryption.
• Created reports in SQL Server Reporting Service for internal IT department usage.
• Leveraged aggregations for improving performance of SQL Server Analysis Services cubes.
• Converted SQL Server Analysis Services cubes from version 2000 to version 2008.

XX/200X – XX/20XX Database Administrator, XXXXX, XXXXX
• Performed database upgrade from SQL Server 2000 to 2005 and 2008.
• Designed backup and recovery strategy accordingly with business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans. As a side effect SLA improved.
• Fixed several database integrity problems, caused by hardware failures, without data lost and minimal downtime.
• Developed several SSIS packages and Reporting Services reports in order to consolidate data from different sources and present these data to appropriate business users.

XX/200X – XX/200X Database Administrator, XXXXX, XXXXX
• Created, tested, and implemented disaster recovery plans for large telecommunication company's production billing database.
• Deployed Oracle 9i instances on Windows Server, Linux, and Sun Solaris.
• Enhanced developers understanding of database systems by conducting training sessions.
• Studied new features of Oracle 10g.

Troubleshooting and optimizing database servers using Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
Implementing a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database.
Maintaining a Microsoft SQL server 2005 database.
Oracle Database 10g Administration Workshop II.
SAPTEC Fundamentals of SAP web application server.
Master of Science in Computer Science - XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, 2004.

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I think it looks pretty good. Good luck!
Jeff Moden
Jeff Moden
SSC Guru
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I can't speak for the whole country but I've found that a lot of "System DBA" jobs now require a fairly indepth knowledge of T-SQL. If you have a good handle on that compared to a lot of people, you might want to mention that especially if you've had to tweak/rewrite stored procedures, views, functions, triggers, etc, to resolve major performance problems. If you haven't, then don't list it because you could end up getting a job you might not like or might not be able to do.

--Jeff Moden

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