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  • RE: Ranking

    GilaMonster (10/1/2014)

    Sean Pearce (10/1/2014)

    Roland C (10/1/2014)

    Another badly redacted question ! It gets a little boring :doze:

    You could always submit your own question.

    This kind of reaction is why I don't submit...

  • RE: Remove non printable characters

    Interesting solution.

    How would you handle multiple columns to clean? Doing multiple cross applies seems like it would kill performance as you could be theoretically joining back to the same...

  • RE: Adding to SQL Server


  • RE: Time for Learning

    I'm currently teaching myself MDX for a BI project at work. I spent about 20 hours reading through the Practical MDX Queries book (which is very good by the...

  • RE: Dating Your Employer

    Eric M Russell (9/27/2013)

    ... and definitely negotiate on the benefits (remember that you should care about your total benefit stack and value, not just the salary) ...

    Benefits are negotiable? Does...

  • RE: wildcards

    Toreador (9/11/2013)

    Dear Steve

    Can you change the points system so that if someone replies pointing out an error and 8 pages of people have already replied pointing out the same error...

  • RE: Changing SQLServerCentral - Initial Thoughts

    I wouldn't mind seeing some talk about forum organization. It can be fairly intimidating to determine under which categories to post or find answers. Even broken down but...

  • RE: A New Look

    Put the featured content first.

    Removed fixed width; I have wide-screen monitors for a reason.

    Forum headers on the left with the articles indented. More recent versions of SQL should be...

  • RE: Don't Be a Ghost

    Is forum presence (of which I have little), really helpful to your brand? Many people use pseudonyms when posting to forums.

    I also think many people (again, like myself) are...

  • RE: Building Better Communication Skills

    I think good written communication skills are important especially nowadays where email seems to be the primary means of doing so. There are also some subsets to that, such...

  • RE: Find the min and max effective date for when a value changed

    This works great. Thanks a lot.

    The "trick" was what had me stumped.

  • RE: Collective Intelligence

    I think as with a lot of questions related to SQL Server the answer is, it depends. From my perspective it seems that insecurity (not sure if that's the...

  • RE: Does the location of the AND part of a join clause affect the data returned

    Thanks for the replies.

    As I said I was worried that it was affecting the data returned.

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