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  • RE: TSQL-Order by

    nenad-zivkovic (7/15/2013)

    You haven't read it carefully. It says: "If a table name is aliased, only the alias name can be used to qualify its columns in the ORDER BY clause."


  • RE: Back to basics

    Danny Ocean (7/2/2013)

    raulggonzalez (7/2/2013)

    Danny Ocean (7/1/2013)Thanks raulggonzalez 🙂

    You're welcome!

    but please note that the script would give you correct results only when freq_interval = 8


  • RE: Back to basics

    Danny Ocean (7/1/2013)

    Good question. But i never feel to use "Bitwise AND" (&) in real working scenario. It will good, if anyone come with some real working example. 🙂

    Hi, another...

  • RE: BETWEEN a hard place and a rock

    Thanks for the nice question with plenty of knowledge involved, but I've got it just because none of the above made sense for me, and the explanation is not 100%...

  • RE: Converting Large Object Data Types

    Good stuff,

    but I'm afraid you missed something which can be important and it's the NULLability of the columns.

    If you have a column which is text NOT NULL, your script...

  • RE: Identity Insert

    Danny Ocean (5/2/2013)

    Most of people don't know about it because it's not in use in any real scenario. I never use this kind of table in production environment, But i...


    Really good question, tricky and nice.

    Obviously the default value for IDENTITY_INSERT is OFF, only by changing it to ON, you wouldn't be able to insert any of the rows as...

  • RE: CHOOSE - 1

    Now seriously...

    what's the point of this QotD? It's not testing any knowledge of how CHOOSE works.

    If the aim of this is to push you to install SQL 2012 and AW...

  • RE: CHOOSE - 1

    I don't see what this QotD is trying to test... It's not about how CHOOSE works but what data you have in a table that is not represented on the...


    negative questions make true to be false and vice versa... should've double read an easy question :Whistling:

  • RE: T-SQL

    Bobby Russell (1/4/2013)

    Poorly worded question. The 4 items I selected were the BEST possible of the 5 that ARE ACTUALLY CORRECT answers AS STATED and has been pointed out by...

  • RE: Finding New Years Eve

    is it me the only one who finds all answers wrong as there's a missing parenthesis in all of them??

    depends on where you place the missing one in 'select 2'...

  • RE: NULLIF 1

    I completely agree with many other peers.

    My first answer was that none of them could be returned by that query (4 cols in select statement, only 3 values per row.....

  • RE: Arithmetic 1

    The explanation I see is that on answers 1,3,4,5,6 implicit data types conversion happens because of mixing INT and CHAR types.

    On the answer 2, we just try to multiply 2...

  • RE: Model Database

    I absolutely agree on that!

    Elliott Whitlow (2/21/2012)

    handkot (2/21/2012)

    select @@VERSION

    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (SP3) - 10.0.5500.0 (X64) Sep 21 2011 22:45:45 Copyright (c) 1988-2008 Microsoft Corporation ...

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 105 total)