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  • RE: select

    There is no sort in the query.Just a simple select statement .how do I find out the speed of my network connection ?

  • RE: Search in a report.

    Appreciate your response. I am sorry , should have mentioned initiall,I am using sql server 2000 /Reporting services 2000 and visual studio 2003 .


  • RE: datetime

    Appreciate your reply.

    Can we change the datetime setting for a particular table or database without effecting other data (table if we are setting for only 1 table or databases...

  • RE: sql

    Appreciate your response.

    I cant replace IN with = since I am searching for a value in a list of values.

    The exact scenario is I search for a value from...

  • RE: sql

    Thanks for the response but I am kind of confused now .

    Can you edit this procedure and tell me exactly what you mean.


    (@inputparam varchar(3))




  • RE: sql

    I have a list of distinct values in Table3.col11 which are part of the IN operator list


    From sql server reporting services I will be passing one of values in the...

  • RE: sql

    Yes , thats exactly what I am looking for . I need to search for values which I will pass as a parameter in a list of values. I tried...

  • RE: T-SQL


    [MYDATE] [smalldatetime] NULL ,

    [MYDEPT] [varchar] (50) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NULL ,

    [MYNUMBER] [varchar] (5) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NULL ,

    [MYAMOUNT] [int] NULL ,


    ) ON [PRIMARY]



  • RE: T-SQL

    Thank you,

    It does return the required results.

  • RE: Primary key generation in Sql server database

    Data type is char(12) does not allow nulls .

    Eg of a few primary keys...




    Is there any formula behind it that is generating this ? If so how do I find...

  • RE: Tracing

    Thanks..But the issue is I would like to track the changes that have already been done . Not from now. Basically I want to track the past. Any thoughts .


  • RE: Tracing

    Yes exactly I want to trace the activity of a particular database role(StoredProcExecutor) .Audit everything for the past week . Who used it etc.I am looking for something easier other...

Viewing 12 posts - 256 through 267 (of 267 total)