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  • RE: Identifying Duplicates (Not the usual)

    I think you'll have to use more than just the customers first and last names to cull duplications out.

    I would think that it would be very easy to have...

  • RE: Log Shipping Error

    You might want to check your backup strategy.

    I bet it started at 4am and your database was locked because of it.

    That might be the root cause of your failure.


  • RE: Rename SQL Server Instance?

    Thanks Allen That's good to know; maybe Brian Knight could update his article to mention something about how it is not possible to rename SQL server Instances;

    It would make...

  • RE: find a the date of birthday fix my code

    This does what you wanted; the select at the end shows how you can find the # days before /number of days until the users next birthday:

    CREATE VIEW UserBirthDay


  • RE: QOD july 15 : order by in a view

    OK I'll bite;

    I've never seen anything like WITH TIES;

    I looked to see if it was a query hint, but it looks like its a named set, right? i found something...

  • RE: Connect Error

    I found an answer from a Microsoft Guru that seems to explain how to fix your issue:

    Hope it helps:

    From: "Bill Hollinshead [MS]" (

    Subject: RE: SQL 2000 Enterprise manager unknown error...

  • RE: Comparison of two tables

    there's at least 3 scripts in the script library of this site that compares table structures; i used "Compare Tables" in the search engine to find them here, and this...

  • RE: Backing up deleted Data from several tables

    Other's have suggested this and it's worked well for me;I take no credit for the idea itself: The question is can you change the way the data is "deleted" ....

  • RE: Need a Set-based way of number rows

    Info you are going to use a temp teable, then the Identity() function might help you out. I've used it before and It provides the identity field for the column....

  • RE: Index on every Foreign Key?

    Essentially, that is exactly what I was wondering;

    For fun, I wrote a script that would create an index for every foreign key that did not have an index yet; but...

  • RE: All or none Transaction

    I would suggest using XACT_ABORT; it will automatically rollback a transaction, and stop further statements from executing in the transaction when an error is encountered:


    BEGIN TRAN -- with...

  • RE: Nested Cursors

    @@fetch_status is the problem here; it doesn't revert back to the outer loops 'previous' fetch status after it complete's the inner loop.

    wouldn't @@fetch_status only allow the inner loop to run,...

  • RE: Generate SQL Script...

    I just contributed a script that does this; everyone always points at tools to do it, but I felt it was a good challenge to try and write a SQL...

Viewing 13 posts - 13,396 through 13,408 (of 13,408 total)