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  • Reply To: Best way to handle incremental duplicate data in SQL Server?

    You could add an IsCurrent bit column and set it to 1 for the most recent row and update older rows to 0. So no need for copying old data...

  • Reply To: The Left Joins

    drew.allen wrote:

    Carlo Romagnano wrote:

    To select all rows from CustomerLeft change join precedence by parentheses:

    SELECT *
    FROM dbo.CustomerLeft AS cl
    LEFT JOIN (dbo.CustomerContact AS cc
    INNER JOIN dbo.EmailDomain...
  • Reply To: whats the advantage of SSIS tool over other ETL Tool

    ZZartin wrote:

    Sai Sarada wrote:

    Informatica ETL is highly recommended

    LOL this has to be an add bot.  Informatica hasn't had a major update in something like over a decade and doesn't support(or barely)...

  • Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 2,364 total)