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  • RE: How to get out EXEC(T-SQL) data?

    Why use openquery at all?  You could just do:


            @result = nombre




             user_id = @login 


  • RE: Dynamic Audit Trigger

    How about:


            'Col1' as col_name,

            I.col1 as new_val,

            D.col1 as old_val


            inserted I Join

            deleted D On

                       I.primary_key = D.primary_key And

                       I.col1 <> D.col1



            'Col2' as col_name,


  • RE: SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services

    I have not deployed any RS rpeorts yet, but if you are using stored procedures as the source for your data and/or properly written and optimized sql code you should...

  • RE: Looking for software that can do performance monitoring

    There is a free tool called SQLCheck from Idera ( that shows some key perfomance stats.  Of course, since it is free it does not save the stats.  They...

  • RE: Selects and Locking

    In this instance you should not need to provide any locking hints as SQL Server will use the lock with the smallest granularity (likely Rowlock) in this instance.

  • RE: Migrating SQL Server Jobs

    There is a DTS task in SQL2000 to transfer jobs.  The source can be a SQL 7 server and you can select the specific jobs you want to transfer.

  • RE: Linked Server resources

    There is definitely an impact on performance.  The issue is where the query is actually run.  I believe OPENQUERY runs the query on the remote server so the overhead is...

  • RE: Export to Word???

    It's hard ot say what the problem without seeing the report.  I have a Matrix Report that i sugly in Excel because it has drill down, but all the data...

  • RE: Export to Word???

    I have not experienced any issues exporting to Excel.  A couple of questions:

    1. Is Excel installed on the PC running the report?
    2. What version of Excel is being used?  I don't know for sure,...
  • RE: Export to Word???

    I would guess MS will not add an export to Word for the following reasons:

    1. In my experience most people want to manipulate the data in a report so Excel is better
    2. MS...
  • RE: Wheres the printing!?!?

    I have not done a lot with RS, but a couple of issues I have found are that as you say does not print and that the parameters cannot be...

  • RE: Reporting Services Books

    I am currently experimenting with the Development Environment, but have found a book would be helpful in order to shorten the learning curve for things like drill-down and then there...

  • RE: Question of the Day for 01 Mar 2004

    It was a poorly wordrd question becasue SERVERPROPERY  is only supported in SQL2K (version 8 ).  Thus when I tried it on my...

  • RE: Upgrade Trial Version to Fill version

    THanks for your answer, I had tried all of that.  The answer was, that when the install was copied ot a network location it was corrupted.  When I installed from...

  • RE: Report Parameters Wont Go Away

    Having just started working with RS, I don't know how much help I can be, but have you tried saving after the change and then going to the preview pane?

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