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  • RE: datetime conversion

    Another option SELECT Convert(Datetime, Replace('20Jul 15:46:1', ' ', '2009 '))


  • RE: Joining two blocks of code

    First, you really should simplify your code. I struggled through what you were trying to accomplish with your statement. I figured out that this section CONVERT(DATETIME,STR(YEAR(CreateDate))+'-'+STR(MONTH(CreateDate))+'-'+STR(DAY(CreateDate))

    +' '+STR(DATEPART(HOUR,CreateDate))+':'+STR(DATEPART(MINUTE,CreateDate))+

    ':'+STR(DATEPART(SECOND,CreateDate))) serves...

  • RE: isdate priority

    Well, you could use a CASE statement or a UDF, but you would need to use it in both your SELECT clause and the WHERE clause. Otherwise you're going...

  • RE: Expressions in SSIS - help needed with datetime

    You need to use the IIF(<Logical Expression>, <True Part>, <False Part>).

    Also, I think that your false part can be greatly simplified by using the DateAdd() function. Try the following...

  • RE: How to generate a sequence for a particular group of rows in SSIS

    I did a Google search and quickly came up with a number of web pages that tell you how to do this. There is a third-party transformation, but that...

  • RE: Case function is not working in PIVOT

    Your CASE statement is fine. The problem is in your PIVOT statement. You have PIVOT



    FOR fldTCN IN ([1.1],[2.2],[3.3],[4.4])

    ) AS Pvt

    This gives you the max of the field that...

  • RE: MDX to calcluate weekday AVGs

    I'm still learning MDX myself, so I'm not sure I can explain why it is necessary. I knew that you shouldn't be getting the exact same average for each...

  • RE: SSAS Hierarchy Question

    It looks like your trying to use the same attribute as the name for each of your four hierarchy levels. You're going to need a separate attribute for the...

  • RE: MDX to calcluate weekday AVGs

    I came up with an even simpler solution. WITH

    MEMBER AvgPerDay AS


    [Due Date].[Dim Time].Children * [Due Date].[Day Number Of Week].CurrentMember

    , [Measures].[Fact Reseller...

  • RE: MDX to calcluate weekday AVGs

    When you specify [TimeDim].[Date].[Date], you're resetting the context for your measure to all dates. You need to filter your dates in your member expression by the current day of...

  • RE: How to implement "OR" condition between dimensions in the cube

    The user wants to be able to select all the orders that have :

    1. FirstCode1 or First Code 2 or FirstSecondaryCode2 or SecondSecondaryCode15 or FinalCode20

    Without really knowing the data, it...

Viewing 11 posts - 3,856 through 3,866 (of 3,866 total)