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  • RE: Enforce business rules with indexed views and a two-row table

    allmhuran (8/23/2012)

    CELKO (8/21/2012)

    <snip 3 table solution>

    Using this solution:

    The status of a region is held in the relationship table.

    A region with no offices assigned to it will have no rows in...

  • RE: Literal Dates

    This is why I always write date literals in the form 'yyyymmdd' without separators.

    Getting others to realise the importance of doing so is another story.

  • RE: RAID and Its impact on your SQL performance

    A questoin; out of curiosity:

    You quoted some PerfMon stats on your production environment.

    Given your analysis, would I be correct in assuming your produciton environment already runs an array of >...

  • RE: Dynamically create and populate staging tables from CSV files

    I have a concern with this approach.

    Since the objective is to "get data from a file into a (staging) table with as little fuss as possible", I presume you want...

  • RE: Does It Count?

    More important than whether or not planned maintenance is included in downtime is: that it is clearly and unambiguously agreed.

    From the customer's perspective, consider which is preferred:

    - A system with...

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)