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  • RE: Compare delimited data - same data but in a different order

    As requested...Sorry about the lousy format...


    -- Original Data

    CREATE TABLE #Table_Orig (PartNumber int, FILEVERSION varchar(100), VALUE varchar(100))

    INSERT INTO #Table_Orig VALUES (1234, 'CURRENT', 'A B')

    INSERT INTO #Table_Orig VALUES (1234,...

  • RE: Setting Different Colors for Connections in SSMS

    One thing to note is that the color doesn't show up when doing an action that doesn't have a status bar (Edit Top 200 Rows, Design, Add Table).


  • RE: Setting Different Colors for Connections in SSMS

    Thanks for the tip. Learned two items today. Registration of servers and how to set colors.

    Has anyone tried the SSMS Tools pack add-in? Any stability...

  • RE: Return

    Good QotD...As usual, it seems the best way to learn new items is to take a little quiz on them. I learned a couple of new things today..just not...

  • RE: Sales puzzle

    tom.w.brannon (8/14/2013)

    I use numbers in my order by statements every day for short queries. It is faster than typing out long names and is especially nice when the column...

  • RE: Expressions

    Great question (I like that you included explanations of the build in function).

    However, I cannot see the use/value of the "NULLIF" construct. In what situations would you use...

  • RE: What is your favorite "I didn't know that" moment in T-SQL?

    Koen Verbeeck (8/9/2013)

    Another one of those A-HA moments, was when I discovered you could select a block of text in SSMS while holding ALT (which is also possible in other...

  • RE: What is your favorite "I didn't know that" moment in T-SQL?


    OK, add the "EXCEPT" and "INTERSECT" clauses to my list. I was asked to compare a file used to load our master parts data from last week's file...

  • RE: FTS Near Operator

    Very good question...We use FREETEXTTABLE instead of CONTAINSTABLE in our FTS table searches. Thought for sure that the 3 was characters and not words apart.

    I always...

  • RE: The School Year

    Non Tech Side: Our "New Horizons" band is getting back together this fall. Getting the trombone out again.

    Tech Side (SQL): Doing C# at work for the last...

  • RE: A New Look

    A couple of more suggestions to have your voice heard..

    There is a link on the SQLServerCentral home page for a user survey. The survey has a "what can we...

  • RE: Identity Insert

    tom.w.brannon (5/3/2013)

    I've learned to read the discussions about all the questions because I learn things there as well. Did not know about adding a number to GO to get...

  • RE: A New Look

    The new format is not a step in the right direction. Too much scrolling...Hopefully we don't have to wait 8 months for the dot one release of the fixes.


  • RE: How does SQL pronounce SQL?


    Sorry, I should have been more clear. For example...Oaks returns O200.


  • RE: How does SQL pronounce SQL?

    At least here in Michigan the result of a Soundex of your last name is the same as (or close to) the first 4 characters of your driver's license number....

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 50 total)