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  • Reply To: The Coping Thread

    Thanks for doing this Steve - I/we can be solitary in our work so an encouraging voice is a blessing, and maybe just enough to keep us going.  We can...

  • RE: The Lost Time

    Drop DST has my vote.  Sounds like the consensus - internal GMT, display adjusted local time, forget DST with apologies to Mr Franklin. 
    Some states are going to vote...

  • RE: The Lost Time

    Hearken back to much exaggerated and feared Y2K project...

    I was responsible for assessing risk and proposing mitigation for a large hospital chain. 
    Mostly with common sense...

  • RE: STUFFing strings

    That phrase was originally designed for typists because in the original form it uses every letter of the alphabet - so what is missing?  The letter 's' - the original...

  • RE: Getting Started with Azure

    Hi Steve,
    I'm planning a new web application and am considering Azure as the platform.  Having read this older article of yours, I'm hoping you have either more info on...

  • RE: Conver Number to string ( exp. 9 - 0009 or 9 - 09)

    Good solution Mak - clean, easy to inline so no udf performance hit - interesting if there are any counter points/other ideas

  • RE: Productivity Keyboard Shortcuts 2

    Not sure how this is supposed to work

    I tried highlighting a table name in Object Explorer and pressing [Ctrl] 9 but get nothing

    Tried dragging table name onto new query page,...

  • RE: Parsing large varbinary fields

    Hi Eugene,

    I wish it were that easy but the first problem is that the data is in a very large varbinary field(64-100Mb) that contains 50-150,000 lines (delimited Char(10)) as hex:



  • RE: Insert without a PK

    On my system the first insert worked,. the second fail for constraint violation and neither index was disabled... what gives Steve?

  • RE: Parsing large varbinary fields

    Thanks Jeff and Lowell,

    Just to clarify the data, it looks like this in the table:


    From this I need to break it into manageable (VARCHAR) pieces, like this...

  • RE: Parsing large varbinary fields

    He Jeff,

    The primary key is a GUID called ID - not my idea, but this is an inherited database...

    What I need is a count of each of the 3 or...

  • RE: Parsing large varbinary fields

    Hi Alan,

    The converted string (from varbinary) looks like these 3 records (targets around position 40 but may be up to position 73, ergo my thought on REGEX...):


  • RE: Parsing large varbinary fields

    Hi Jeff,

    I agree that would be easiest however that still leaves the existing records, is there a smarter way of dealing with them?

    Maybe I should build the search in binary...

  • RE: Best Practice for : SSD Hard

    Depending on how you are setup, i.e.; number of databases and files - the SQL Activity monitor gives decent but coarse IO numbers.

    At the database level, the standard report...

  • RE: SQL 2012 table read performance

    Most of (99+%) there is a discrete list of columns. Unfortunately I will end up parsing the binary data in the LOBs for another project.

    Thank you for your help here,...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 67 total)