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  • RE: DBCC

    First question answered in years. Glad to be back. Surprised to see so little replies.

    Thanks for the question. 

  • RE: Real to Float

    This is why I never use aproximate values.

    Being in a financial field, I've never really had the need to use those.

  • RE: Float to Varchar

    I based my answer on the part about the style which says that the default is 6 digits.

    I believe this is the actual reason why we get that result. Can...

  • RE: SELECT @local_variable

    ...Even if a rowset were returned, the the rowset could be sorted as the last action of the select statement, ie after the assignment, so not assigning the value from...

  • RE: SELECT @local_variable

    Of course. I learned that lesson a looooong time ago 😀

    Sean Lange (7/29/2015)

    SqlMel (7/29/2015)

    Good question and something to keep in mind always.

    I ALWAYS use Top 1 when assigning values to...

  • RE: SELECT @local_variable

    I mostly do this to read parameter values that I have set up in tables so in all the cases I can think of I only get returned one row...

  • RE: SELECT @local_variable

    Good question and something to keep in mind always.

    I ALWAYS use Top 1 when assigning values to variables even though in all cases I can think of I use a...

  • RE: NOT IN


    Richard Warr (7/28/2015)

    Also a good illustration of why NOT IN can be very risky. Using NOT EXISTS instead gives the result that would probably be intended in this scenario:

    SELECT Value


  • RE: NOT IN

    Thanks for the question.

    Good day to all.

  • RE: Sql Saturday NYC

    Too bad you couldn't make it. There were some great sessions.

  • RE: Stored Procedure Creation

    I knew I had this from the start since I've made the mistake of not putting the GO statement before calling the SP, as shown in batch 1.

    After that, it...

  • RE: The mysteries of life, the beginning of the 20th century

    sestell1 (3/23/2015)

    Rune Bivrin (3/23/2015)

    Can't really say anything positive about a question which relies on regional settings for correct answer, and which doesn't really promulgate any useful knowledge. Why would I...

  • RE: Secondary XML Indexes

    Thanks for the question, Steve.

  • RE: Index Fragmentation

    Thanks for the question.

    Glad to see over 80% got this right (so far)

  • RE: Foreign Key Fun

    Very good question, Tom.

    It was easy for me since I knew beforehand that the foreign key would be ignored and the temp table would be created.

    Hope to see more questions...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 146 total)