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  • RE: Char with null

    The answer is clearly wrong. Some of these questions are really questionable.


    isnull(left(@b,3),'I ô Char') as ba

    will also return the string. The left function of @B...

  • RE: Parsing HTML to SQL using SQLDOM

    Will do. I'll put me feedback there.

    David Rueter (12/31/2014)


    In fact, I didn't really realize that this article was going to be re-published this month. I have several refinements...

  • RE: Parsing HTML to SQL using SQLDOM

    Here's the answer: On the server, running in a job, results were returned but were getting trucated at 512 characters. I needed to add one statement before calling the sproc...

  • RE: Parsing HTML to SQL using SQLDOM

    Suggestion: Change the spgetInitSession to create the temp tables and then execute user code. This avoids pasting (potentially changeable) SQLDOM code into user's procedures and neatly resolves the temp table...

  • RE: Parsing HTML to SQL using SQLDOM

    I'll put my bug report here, and thanks for the work on this!

    First, a not-a-bug query: This works fine on my Workstation, but fails to get the data from URLs...

  • RE: Should We Move to Azure?

    We're building a service business, and reliability and scalability are requirements, so we'll be deploying the production system to Azure.

  • RE: If you're confident about a change in your DB, triple check

    Dealing with CLR procedures is a black art. Be sure to document that so you will remember in a year, when one database is moved again!

  • RE: Shrinking Databases

    I run shrink on our Dev server after running lots and lots of queries to reduce the transaction log size (on disk). It's easy to grow a log file...

  • RE: Collective Intelligence

    This phenomenon of specialization has been developing for years. I manage a (very) small programming & development staff of three. We each have our areas of specialization: ...

  • RE: Spring Cleaning

    Because we deal with health Care-related information, we never delete anything. My biggest DB is now about 20GB, growing 100MB per day.

    There is no "cleaning" option for us.

  • RE: Manners

    I've read quite a few threads that seem like the poster is a "developer" or a "programmer" who wants to be a DBA, but has no clue what to do....

  • RE: SQL 2000 database - almost everything erased

    Thanks for the tip about Log Rescue. I didn't realize it is now a free tool. (I've been trying to get my employer to spring for the whole...

  • RE: SQL 2000 database - almost everything erased

    The only thing that happened was one of the developers ran a DTS export of table data from production to test. There was definitely NOT a script that was...

  • RE: NOLOCK Discussion

    We use NOLOCK in quite a few of our reports (those that are used in production for work lists and error checking). This avoids the case where a report...

  • RE: Does this look like a SQL injection attack?

    MIJ (6/24/2008)

    I found this while running a Profiler trace and I'm trying to decide how worried I should be.

    Select sectionID, heading from ordered where virtualSectionID_p =

    '003;DECLARE @S...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 173 total)