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  • RE: Thesaurus Files

    hehe... Good question. I remember experiencing this one while trying to help someone with the file last summer. 🙂 Good times.

  • RE: CHOOSE - 1

    I kept looking for a trick... something that wouldn't depend on the data itself that wasn't presented.

  • RE: Relational Model versus XML

    Given the data available, I fell back to the ol' standby answer of N'It depends,' and translated that into the available answer. 🙂

  • RE: SET Options - 1

    Thank you Hugo.

    (At least it wasn't something obvious I just wasn't seeing.)

  • RE: SET Options - 1

    Great question.

    But, okay... I give up, how does having an indexed view cause a loss of precision?

    (I.e. Yep, I see the error. I don't understand WHY. 🙁 )

  • RE: LIKE a vowel

    *blush* Being wrong is teaching me even more about collations.

    I'm also seeing another possible advantage to unicode. Switching to unicode, it looks like NCHAR(198) and NCHAR(230) returns the...

  • RE: LIKE a vowel

    On my server it returns 0 rows, so it appears like some other things affect this. Maybe default collation. Probably.

    I'd suspect a different set of Extended ASCII characters, probably not...

  • RE: LIKE a vowel

    I got it wrong, but have been playing with the query. If I switch from char(1) values to nchar(1) and search 65535 values, it spits out six values:

    Æ 198

    æ 230

    ? 482

    ? 483

    ? 508

    ? 509


    I don't...

  • RE: Parsing values in the WHERE clause

    Brilliant! Thanks for the question! I believe it's a great question that draws out some discussion.

    A big thank you to Carlo and Hugo who provided a more succinct...

  • RE: Noise

    L' Eomot Inversé (10/16/2012)QotD refers to SQL Server versions currently under full support, not those under extended support

    Excellent. Thank you.

    And, of course, good question today.

  • RE: Noise

    okbangas (10/16/2012)

    If it were different in two supported editions of SQL Server, I agree. However, SQL Server 2005 is not supported anymore, so this question is correct for all supported...

  • RE: T-SQL

    And for anyone looking forward to SQL 2012, this is probably a good opportunity to mention that folks might want to look at the SEQUENCE objects.

  • RE: T-SQL

    First, let me reiterate, I'm not arguing the correct answer for the question. I'm responding to why might a quarter of the folks answering might be getting the question...

  • RE: T-SQL

    The seed value for an identity column is defined (usually) when the table is created, and is the first value for the Identity. Every value after that is incremented...

  • RE: T-SQL

    Looking at why folks might be getting it wrong...

    ... Not everyone who uses SQL Server is a developer. I can imagine a lot of accidental dbas /...

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 89 total)