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  • RE: Getting resource content from blocked process report

    Darko, is it possible to provide clr assembly code?

  • RE: PFS page corruption--Any suggestions?

    Ran dbcc checkdb with allow data loss. Could not fix pfs page corruption(Also according Paul Randal, they can not be fixed). These pfs pages in a filegroup where it is...

  • RE: Unused Procedure lists - Most easiest way

    technically you can not reply on it since

    1. sproc's with recompile clause would not stay in cache.

    2.if there is memory pressure or something(server restart, manual reset) dm_exec_procedure_stats might be...

  • RE: Temporary exclusive database access

    you get to be very careful. In a busy system, there are lot of threads would get access before you can get access, such as replication spids, log shipping, users...

  • RE: Risks of NOLOCK, part 1

    on top of that, if sql knows there is nolock hint used, it might decide to do allocation order scan in same situation which might be faster.

  • RE: Risks of NOLOCK, part 1

    Thanks Hugo. I had the impression that all constraints are checked before any updates. Now I recalled in Itzik Ben-Gan's book that it mentioned the order of execution.

  • RE: Risks of NOLOCK, part 1


    Great question. I did not get "Nolock CAN cause the query to return data that violates constraints". I thought that constraints are checked first before any insert/update etc. Could you...

  • RE: Heaps rebuild

    Guys, pls read book on line about avg_fragmentation_in_percent and other columns for heaps. in general for heap fragmentation you do not look at avg_fragmentation_in_percent.

  • RE: Heaps rebuild

    Igor pls read Paul's blog carefully yourself. rebuild heap table will remove fragmentation even it might not be a good idea since it is expensive.

  • RE: SQL Server Execution Plans, Second Edition by Grant Fritchey

    I appreciate what sqlservercentral provided to the sql community and all these greatest sql books red gate/authors provided for free.

    I also do not think sqlservercentral/red gate should really honor the...

  • RE: Finding Top N worst performaing queries

    i ran into a situation tempdb was full and terminated after a long run. It seems very heavy to run.

  • RE: How can create more listener?

    even you only one physical nic, you still can configure (virtually) the multi-homed sql server to listen on multiple ports. In some situation you might want to do it.

  • RE: Rookie DBA


    I am extremely horrible to remember names. But I know them( I meant I know their names). I remembered that Steve Jones posted a daily question to ask if you...

  • RE: Rookie DBA


    If you do not know Gail Shaw and Jeff Moden, it would surprise me a lot.


  • RE: Migrate multiple SSIS 2008 packages to new 2008 r2 server

    I bulk imported them to new server before by using ssis to dump sysdtspackages in msdb. I did not remember exactly how, but it is way to go if tons...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 84 total)